Hi friends! I hope you’re doing well! I asked my Instagram friends a couple of weeks back if they wanted to see a round-up of better-for-you candy options. And since that was a 100% yes, I’m putting this post together to share some better-for-you fruity candy options with you (Don’t you worry; a chocolate version will come later :D).

Sidenote: I’ve been planning our church’s Fall Fest, and I wanted to be able to give the kiddos these candy options since there are some food allergies we need to consider along with the fact that we can feel good about our kiddos getting these!


Some of you might be wondering what better-for-you candy might even be. Well, in this instance, better-for-you means a few things, but two of the main things are 1) no high fructose corn syrup is used in the candy (HFSC causes inflammation) and 2) no artificial food dyes/colorants are used in the candy (these have been linked to allergies and cancers). Many of the brands/products I mention are organic, non GMO, flavored naturally, gluten free and vegan as well.

For those of you looking for safer trick-or-treat options (whatever that looks like for you this 2020), I’ll make a note of the ones that come in big/bulk options.

Better-for-you Fruity Candy

Yum Earth Organic Pops – Who doesn’t like a good lolli? (bulk option)

Yum Earth Gummy Bears – I love that these packets are the perfect serving size! (bulk pack)

Yum Earth Organic Sour Beans – These are a fave for me, and they were a MAJOR craving when I was pregnant. I wish I had known about this bulk bag then (probably for the better that I didn’t, lol).

Yum Earth Organic Giggles – Think better-for-you Skittles. They also come in a sour version.

Black Forest Organic Gummy Worms – I mean, can you really go wrong with a gummy worm? I think not! (P.s. Black Forest also has lots of other options that you can find here.)

Smart Sweets – I think my fave Smart Sweet flavor is sour (think the healthy version of a Sour Patch Kid). There are lots of different options and flavors. It’s nuts that there’s only 3 grams of sugar per bag!

Zollipops – This one is a bit different from the rest, but these lollipops are actually GOOD for kid’s teeth since they’re made with xylitol. You can find them on Amazon, but I’ve also gotten them in the toothpaste/toothbrush aisle at Target.

Lovely Organic Chewy Candies – If you’re a Starburst fan but want to break up with all the artificial dyes and flavors, try these out!

Lovely Organic Hard Candies – There’s always someone who’s a fan of a good hard candy. Here you go! You’re welcome.

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews – I don’t know about you, but I love a good ginger chew. These remind me of my grandpa when I was growing up, and they’re also great for nausea! These also come in different flavors.

Lovely Juicy Chews – These kind of remind me of Laffy Taffy. Along with the ones I’ve already mentioned, Lovely also has lots of other options.

If you go here, you’ll find other bulk options along with other fun candy that Yum Earth makes.

I hope this list helped you a bit if you’re looking for some better-for-you swaps with Halloween coming up or if you just wanted to keep these in your proverbial back pocket for a rainy day.

Let me know if you’ve tried these before and which ones are your faves. Are there other better-for-you options that you’ve come across? If so, please share in the comments below!