WOW! It has been a minute since I blogged, but I took a poll on my Instagram and a lot of the friends over there voted that I share some Father’s Day Gift Ideas ranging from $20-$130 in case you needed some inspiration as you’re shopping for the men in your life.

As I was planning for this post, I wanted to include things that are practical, thoughtful, and unique. The hope is that there’s something here for everyone!

Gift Ideas for Dad

Let’s Break ‘Em Down

  1. Ember Mug – If your guy feels loved when he gets a fresh cup of Joe, imagine how good he’ll feel when that cup of coffee will stay nice and fresh for hours!
  2. Gooseneck Pour-over Kettle – I have a number of friends in my life who like bringing the coffee shop feels right into their home kitchen. If you know someone like this, a kettle like this will help them up their morning pour-over game.
  3. Separatec Boxer Briefs – I know these don’t seem like they’d make for a gift, but trust me–Dave loves these and so do some of his friends. If your guy enjoys some comfy underoos withs some special features (yes, you heard me), you might want to consider adding this to his gift.
  4. Primally Pure Beard Oil – Does your guy sport a beard? Well, if so, I recommend snagging one of these for him. It’s a non-toxic formula that works great. To get 10% off your order, use code “ELIZLUCHT” at checkout.
  5. Counterman Shaving Cream – If your man prefers a clean shave, then grab him this cleaner and safer shaving cream from Beautycounter! If you’ve never purchased Beautycounter before, be sure to use code “CLEANFORALL20” for 20% off your purchase.
  6. Hepcat Cologne – Colognes can be full of questionable ingredients, so if your man is looking for a cleaner formulation, I recommend checking these ones out from Phlur.
  7. RTIC Cooler – Dave has one of these and uses it ALL THE TIME. He has the 30-can capacity one. We know there are hardcore YETI fans out there, but this one performs well and is over less than half the cost.
  8. JetBoil Camping Stove – If you’ve got a camper or outdoorsman on your hands and he doesn’t already have one of these, then I bet you he’d be pretty excited to get one. Dave’s used this on backpacking and camping trips for making coffee, boiling water, and cooking food.
  9. Apple Airpods – Whether your man works from home or likes to listen to a good audiobook or some music while he works out, these Airpods come in super handy! You can also snag him a super affordable case here.
  10. Kindle Paperwhite – If your guy likes to unwind with a good book (or more!) and has some minimalist tendencies ;), get him something that he’ll be able to use at home and on the go.
  11. Mountaineer Whiskey Glass Set/Coaster – This set is amazing the one if your life who likes to have his whiskey neat or on the rocks (and in this case, on the mountain tops too ;)) and also happens to love some fresh air and that mountain life.
  12. Customized Leather Valet Tray – Whether he needs a spot at the entry way, on his nightstand or on his desk, this leather valet is a great spot for your guy to drop his wallet, keys and other accessories. Also, it’s a gift for you since it’s good on the eyes and helps with keeping your home clutter-free ;).
  13. Bamboo Cheeseboard & Knife Set – If having friends over for some good food is one of your man’s favorite things to do, this is a great addition to his home entertaining arsenal.
  14. Portable Hammock – This will be a home-run gift for any man in your life who has some great outdoor trips planned or has some trees in the backyard where he can just hang out…literally =p.
  15. Rainbow Sandals – Last but not least, these sandals are one of Dave’s faves. Before we lived in Texas, we lived in Southern California, and that’s where these sandals originated. Over time, they mold to your feet and are super comfy.

I hope these are helpful as you’re shopping for dad! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with in the comments below!