Happy Day after Thanksgiving, friends! I hope your bellies are full of delicious food and your hearts are full with time spent with loved ones. This was our first Thanksgiving away from family, but we got to spend it with some of our good friends and it was such a great time! We’re actually headed off to a Friendsgiving tonight, so I wanted to get this post up before we head out for that!

This is the second installment of this year’s Christmas Gift Guides. This one is for the little kids in your life. You don’t have to be a parent for this one to be handy: We have nieces, nephews, and other little-human friends that we need to shop for sometimes, so I hope these ideas help you!

Some good questions to ask when picking out toys for little ones:

  • Is this toy going to support them in imaginative play?
  • Does this toy encourage hand-eye-coordination/ or gross motor (big muscle) skills?
  • Does this toy help little ones learn how to be creative?
  • Is this toy fun?
  • The most simple one: Is this something you know they’ll like?

I feel like you’re on the right track if what you pick out is a “yes” under one of those questions. I’m not the biggest fans of toys that are just things or noise (if that makes any sense).

Most of my inspiration for this post comes from things Aria and Ezra have received at some point in time that were a hit. A lot of these toys are great for kids 2-5–with some wiggle room. Every kid is different, so this is where knowing who you’re shopping for comes in handy!

Gifts for the Little Kids in Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Kids
  1. Mega Bloks – These are big hit with Ezra (he’s 2 right now), and Aria (4) still enjoys them as well. They’re a great way for kids to work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They’re also not as painful to step on like wooden blocks are =p.
  2. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Pads – If you’ve seen previous blog posts of mine, you’ve for sure seen me talk about these. They’re still a favorite! They’re a no-mess way for kids to get their draw on, and these are a great option for when you’re on-the-go (aka road trips, eating out, etc…)
  3. Radio Flyer Scooter – These ones are on the kids’ Christmas lists. They got to scoot around on these at a friend’s house, and it was so fun watching them! This encourages coordination, and the wheels on this scooter are fine if you want to keep them indoor (AKA they won’t mess up your floors!).
  4. Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pads – These are a great option for quiet time or on-the-go travel! The stickers are reusable, so your little one gets to create different scenes with them.
  5. Jellycat Dog Bashful Puppy – Jellycats are some of our favorite stuffies. Ezra’s favorite is his bunny (lovingly named Benedict) as well as his lion. Aria’s fave her also a bunny (AKA Clementine). These are soft, durable, and super snuggly.
  6. Paw Patrol Slippers – Ezra loves his Paw Patrol slippers. He’s a fan of the show, and these keep his feet nice and warm :).
  7. Spinagain Toy – Ezra’s grandmommy gave him this toy, and he’s LOVED it from day one. It’s great for developing hand-eye coordination, and the spinning pieces are super fun to watch!
  8. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop – The kids got to play with this at a friend’s house, and it was a big hit. Ezra shocked us with his shooting skills, so we’re putting this one on his Christmas list.
  9. Disney Princess Dress Up Collection – I legit never thought I’d be recommending this, but one of Aria’s favorite things to do is to play dress-up, so this set is great for when she has friends over and they all want to get dressed up.
  10. Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set – I enjoy using cleaner and safer nail polishes, and this is a great option for little girls. Aria loves painting her own nails, so this will make a great stocking stuffer!
  11. Soft Baby Doll Set – If your little one is anything like Aria, she’ll love playing house with this baby doll that has fun accessories!
  12. BabyShark Play-doh Set – If you haven’t heard the baby shark song, what rock have you been living under? This is a super fun play-doh set with fun cutter accessories.
  13. Melissa & Doug Box Decoration Set – Aria got this recently for her birthday, and she was a big fan. She got to paint and decorate her own wooden box that she keeps some of her treasures in! If your little ones is crafty, this DIY jewelry kit is also a great option.
  14. Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Table-top Easel – Don’t want to commit to a big easel that’ll take up floor space? This table-top one is a great option. One side is for for chalk, and the other side is for dry-erase markers and magnets!
  15. Water Play Splashpad – This may not be right for you in this season if you live where there are cold winters, but for my friends out in CA, this is great year round. The kids have this splash pad, and it makes for hours of fun! We added this slide to it, and it took it the fun to the next level :).

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration on what to get for the little ones in your life! If you want some toddler book recommendations as gifts, you can go here, here and here! If you’re looking for a gift for the men in your life, go check out that gift guide here!

What are some of your kiddos favorite toys and books for gifting? Comment below!

Christmas Gift Guide for Little Kids