Hi friends!

I hope you’re doing well and finding a good flow to whatever your normal is right now–homeschooling, school-schooling, virtual-schooling, etc. Aria and Ezra have been in school three days a week since May (they took a month off when Dave was on furlough in April). 

On the days when they’re home, it’s important to me that they have books, games, and activities at the ready that are easily accessible. Ideally, I’d like for the activities to work for both Aria (almost 5) and Ezra (just turned 3), which means I’m keeping my eyes out for ones that are adaptable and versatile. I’m going after longevity here, folks. I’m a BIG fan of activities and games that can be used in multiple ways and adjusted to suit whatever their current developmental needs are.

Here are the three that have been big hits in our home lately:

Kids’ Current Faves

Magnetic Letter Tracing Board


I mainly got this board for Ezra (3), so he could have a hands-on activity that would help reinforce uppercase and lowercase letter recognition and also give him an opportunity to have something tactile to do (writing with the magnetic pen and “erasing” the letters by rubbing them away). This has kept Ezra engaged for impressively long segments of time. He even asks to bring it with him to do in bed before his nap! This is great for Aria too when she wants to work on her letter formation. It’s perfect for at-home or on-the-go.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

Ok, I need to start this one off by saying this: I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with activities like this one. Why? They’re great for development, but a major downside is that they’re made up of a bunch of small pieces that kids can throw around and lose (My enneagram 1 dies a bit inside b/c of this, which is why this goes safely up on a tall shelf when not in use 😀.). Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can talk about why we love this. This colorful wooden puzzle set comes with a deck of cards with different animals and shapes on one side. On the other side, it shows you which wooden puzzles you need to make the piece. For Ezra, I sat with him and had him help me pick out what pieces he would need to create the image. I then helped him when it was too hard for him to do by himself. Aria was able to do some more of these on her own, which was so fun to watch! There’s a wide range of images ranging from basic to pretty advanced, which makes it a wonderful activity for multiple ages.


This has become our family’s favorite game to play together. It’s like bingo but with the added fun element of a little disc-ejecting contraption that the dealer gets to use (our kids LOVE being the dealer). For the cards, there’s a green side, which is the easier/less competitive side; and there’s a red side which adds more of a competitive edge any given round. For Ezra, he can identify what’s on the card by the pictures. For Aria, she can also identify some of the words now that she’s beginning to read. I highly recommend this one for family game time!


Have you used any of these with your kids? Would love to know what some of your favorite kiddo activities are right now :).