I literally prayed that Aria would love books, and I’m SO grateful that she does! Books are one of those things I have a hard time saying no to. It’s not like Aria’s running around putting a bunch of books in the shopping cart (yet), so what i’m really saying is that I have a hard time saying no to myself when I see a book that I want to get for her library. It’s not my fault; I blame my parents for this :).  When it came to books, they usually never declined. The world of books they helped create around me was where my curiosity and imagination grew–a place where I could get lost for hours.  But seriously, there’s so much research and evidence on why having books in the home and reading, reading, and more reading (with and to your kids) is SO AMAZING. Keep those books coming!

Aria’s Current Favorite Books


Pick #1:

Alphabet : SO glad I found this book for the bubs. The creativity that went into this book is next level! There are awesome textures for little fingers to explore, vibrant colors, interactive features (flaps that they can open and close, a scratch and sniff spot, tabs they can pull on to make animals move, etc…), and exposure to a really diverse range of animals and plants. Aria’s favorite thing about this book is that the octopus is actually “ticky” and that she can make the warthog dance by pulling on the flap :).

Pick #2:

Baby’s First Bible (Boxed Set) : We actually put this book set on Aria’s baby registry, and we’ve read them to her ever since she was a wee little babe. But ever since her grandma gave her Noah’s Ark to play with, she’s gravitated towards these books even more, especially the one about Noah (or as she calls him: “Nooo-nah”). What I love about these books is that they’re short and to-the-point. The authors do a great job at simplifying these Bible stories for young “readers”.

Pick #3:

My New Baby: We bought this book as a way to announce the coming of baby boy, and Aria’s been a big fan. She’ll run around saying “Baby!” and go grab this book for us to read to her. It was a nice introduction to some every day things that would very much become a part of her life as a big sister and now a great reminder of those things that Ezra boy is here. Having this book and ones like it on hand are so great–anything to make the transition for her (and us) easier–right??

Pick #4:

The Little Engine that Could (Abridged Version): As soon as Aria learned what a train was and that they say “choo choo,” she couldn’t get enough of this book. I’m glad it’s the abridged version since a one-and-a-half-year-old’s attention span is rather limited, haha.

Pick #5 & #6:

Where is Baby’s Belly Button? &  What Does Baby Love? Aria has loved these books from the get-go. Before she even got to the point of flipping through her board books, she already had her eyes (or should I say teeth) set on these books as teething “toys”. Needless to say, I had to let go of my love for well-kept books…and QUICK. Now that she loves being read to and flipping through books on her own, these books have gotten even more love. We’ve had to fix a number of the flaps by taping them back into the book. The belly button one is great for teaching littles about where certain body parts are, and it’s so fun watching them learn where these body parts are for the characters in the book, on themselves, and on others!


great books for 1.5 year olds


1. To find good deals on books, buy from places like Amazon, Marshalls (or similar stores), or thrift stores.

2. If you have limited bookshelf space and you want to help your kids gravitate towards different books (aka make it so that you don’t have to read the same book(s) a gazillion times), have your little’s books on rotation. I have some storage bins in Aria’s closet with books in them, and i’ll switch them out into her bookshelf every two weeks or so. I try to do the same thing with her toys. Not only does this keep your kiddo’s interest piqued, it’ll help reduce the amount of books/toys you’ll step on or trip over ;).

3. I know this is rather obvious, but for babies and young toddlers, board (or fabric) books are best. They’re sturdier and will be able to stand up to the abuse…I mean, love. Aria got gifted a lot of regular paper books, but I have those stored away until curiosity/learning doesn’t equal ripping and tearing paper :).

4. I know that it can be taxing when you’re asked to read the same books over and over (and over), but keep in mind that there is so much gold in repetition. This will (immensely) help your kiddos with growing their vocabulary! When I was teaching preschoolers, they would ask me to read them the same book sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row, and now i’m experiencing the same thing with Aria. I’ll finish a book, and she’ll immediately say “Mo! Gen (again) pees!

Let me know in the comments what some of your kiddos favorite books are, please! I’m always looking for book recommendations! 🙂