Hope constipation.

Has hope ever had you feeling backed up? Well, if yes, you're not alone. Sometimes having hope is like storing treasures inside (hm, this is where the constipation metaphor breaks down a little) that you can't quite share yet since there are so many unknowns. You want...

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Part 1: I needed heart “surgery” to move to Texas.

A number of you have asked me to share more about our transition from Southern California to Dallas, TX. Welp, consider this part 1. For years—I mean, I’m talking 6-7 years, Dave would bring up/dream talk about moving to Idaho or Texas (various good friends can...

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Grief is strange.

This last week has been strange; it's been heavy. Our friends back in California lost their one-year-old. Another friend's sister suddenly passed away. And yet another friend lost someone near and dear completely out-of-the-blue. These losses may not have taken place...

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