One of Dave’s love languages is gifts, so I love shopping for him. I’m TERRIBLE at keeping his gifts a secret, and I always end up giving him way too many hints (or sometimes barely any at all), and he’ll figure out what I got for him. Half of me is annoyed that he guesses them so fast, but the other part of me secretly loves that it’s a thing that we do.

Here are some affordable gift ideas that are $35 and under that you can get at Target. You can see my two other $35 and under gift guides here (for the tots) and here (for the ladies). Again, I don’t have a Target to go to in Santa Barbara (waaahhhhhh), but I can still shop online, so we’ll always have that (#firstworldproblems). Also, I’ll have a tip at the end of this post for you to save/make some money while you shop–seriously :).


Gifts for Him Under $35 from Target


Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

You’ll see a slight whiskey theme going on here (you can tell I’ve got Dave’s gifts on my mind). This is a quick, easy way to get that Old Fashioned made–perfect stocking stuffer!


Capital Gaines

In the last year or so, Dave’s become a pretty big reader. It’s like we switched roles. I love to read, but having two kids did change that a bit. This book is great because Chip is hilarious, and it’s an easy and inspiring read! Sidnote: If your’e a Fixer Upper fan, Magnolia Story is a must-read–I LOL’d my way through it.


Whiskey Decanter

The perfect addition to go with the Old Fashioned cocktail mixer :D. This is a great addition to anyone’s whiskey gear collection. I’m a big fan of the wood detail.


Aeropress Coffee/Espresso Maker

If he’s not so much a whiskey fan…or just a bigger coffee fan, this Aeropress is a great gift. It’s perfect for single servings and is fun gift for the coffee lover/snob.


Moleskine Smart Dotted Journal

For all the techies in your life. This journal lets you get your freehand notes from your journal to your screen in real time! If you don’t want to have to get the whole Smart Writing System, then you can always go with their good ole pen and paper journal.


Water Bottle

I featured this water bottle on my Gift Ideas for Her, but the guys have to stay hyrdrated too, right? The stainless steel and the black ones are my two faves for the guys.


Every Man Jack Bath/Body Gift Set

I get this brand for Dave since it has more natural ingredients and their scents smell good! Some guys aren’t the best at getting this stuff for themselves, so this makes for a great stocking stuffer.


Toiletry Bag

A sharp-looking fold-and-go accessory that’s got compartments for all his necessities. I like that it’s a bit different than the standard zip top bag.


[Here’s a way to get money back while you’re shop: Get Ebates, and you’ll basically cash back for shopping through any of their affiliates (Target is one of them!). If you’re not already doing this, get on it! You’ll get cash back on your purchases– no strings attached. It sounds scammy, but it’s forreals (or else I wouldn’t suggest it :D).]


Any other gift ideas you have for the guys in your life? Let me know! Everyone’s so different, so I love hearing what you get your guys :).