I try to mix up what I do while i’m nursing (read, eat, watch a show, try not to fall asleep, messily struggle to get the bebe to re-latch so that milk isn’t spraying him in the face and everywhere around him…) since Ezra is seemingly always eating. This is especially the case right now since he’s going through a crazy growth spurt and a developmental leap [P.s. If you’re a mama to a baby and don’t have the Wonder Weeks app, I highly recommend it! It was often a huge bringer of sanity for me with Aria when I felt like things were totally out of wack (her being super fussy, eating or sleeping differently, etc…) because it would remind me that she was going through a developmental leap, and that the craziness wouldn’t last forever.] Anywho, here are some articles that I came across in the last couple of weeks that I think you might like as well!

Favorite Reads:

Why Your Postpartum Body Deserves Some Serious Praise

The struggle is real. It’s SO easy to feel gross or dissatisfied with your body after having a baby because things are not only sore but probably loose and jiggly. I know I had a rough time especially this second time around in the first couple of weeks because of the pain as well as the sizeable dose of discouragement I’d feel when i’d catch a glimpse of my tired and still-6-month-pregnant-looking self when I’d walk by a mirror. I just felt blobbish, but I had to remind myself (constantly) that I was the vessel of one of the most insane miracles…ever–so BA.

7 Ways to Cope with Sleep Deprivation

What is sleep? Baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me no more. And yes, i’m going to go right ahead and blame lack of sleep for that…. Since we all know sleep isn’t happening as much as we’d like for new mamas, anything that’ll offer some coping and survival tips is good by me.

20 Quotes from Children’s Books that Every Adult Should Know

Having babies of my own has given me a new filter through which to process and see life. It’s interesting to read these quotes through the eyes of an adult but even more so as a mama/parent. I get excited to know that there will be a time when I can share these quotes with my littles since so many of them are just gooooolllld.

To the Mom with a Toddler and a Baby

Yaaaasssss. Mama, you matter and you‘re loved is the main message here. This was SO encouraging to read. Currently having two babes under two, I can totally relate to this. The nugget that I want to throw in my pocket and take with me everywhere is to be kind to myself in the process.

10 Things I Wanted Immediately After Giving Brith, but was Too Afraid to Ask For

I personally didn’t ask for all of these things, but there are some that hit super close to home–like asking for help or asking to be alone (my alone time tends to take shape in the form of a nice, hot shower). This time around, I was way better at asking for things I needed/wanted. I wish I would have known what to ask for and how to express my needs better when I had Aria.


Do you have any articles you’ve read lately that are must-read’s? Share in the comments below. I’d love some reading material for when i’m up nursing around the clock :).