If you’ve been my friend in real life in my youth ;), especially during my college years, then chances are really good that I’ve given you a mixed CD. I was always looking for good music, new artists, and I had a huge case of CD’s (bought/or burned) that I’d leave in my car. I made mixes for most occasions: birthdays, weddings, road trips, sorry-you’re-sad, just-because-this-music-is-really-good-so-i-want-you-to-hear-it, etc… For the most part, they were always well-received with the exception of the one or two songs I’d occasionally try to throw into the mix (pun partially intended) to stretch the listener’s musical horizons ;).

I thought it’d be fun to revisit the days of my mix making–finding new music that I enjoy and sharing it with my friends. You may love it, be meh about it, or hate it, but you can’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it :)!   I’ll share these mixes with you via Spotify. The mixes will include songs that I like–new and old. I’ll probably make mixes based off mood, genre, or who knows? I’ll keep you posted ;).

Music Mix Monday #1

So here’s the first, of hopefully many, Music Mix Mondays from me to you. Since I’ve been on a medium-to-high amount of either tiredness or stress (sleep training + personal projects + work), I’ve wanted my brain to chill out, so this is the…yes, you guessed it: Chill Out Mix. I hope you discover at least one or two songs that you can add to your listening library.


Sharing is Caring!

Let me know which songs you liked (or didn’t)! Also, feel free to share your favorite songs, playlists, etc.. with me in the comments section. I love getting song recs because sharing good music makes the world go ’round. Oh, and if you have a request for a Mixed Tape Monday, let me know that down below too! 🙂

Get on the Band Wagon!

If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you can sign up for free. You only pay $9.99 a month if you want unlimited access without commercials/ads. This isn’t sponsored–just sharing an awesome way for you to listen to and discover music :).

Happy Monday, friends!

Music Mix Monday Chill Out | Elizabeth Lucht