Guys! Mother’s Day is less than a month away. And whether you’re a plan-a-head gift giver, or a last-minute-thoughtfully-throw-something-together person, you might be (or will be) a hitting a wall when it comes to ideas to get for the special lady/ladies in your life for Mother’s Day,  I’ve compiled a list of goodies that are all under $50! Get one, mix-and-match, or even supplement with what you’ve already got in mind :). Orrrr if you are a mama, maybe one of these can go on your nudge-nudge list ;).


This is my first Mother’s Day with two kiddos, and i’m pretty excited about it :). We don’t really have any traditions yet, but i’m hoping that once the kids get a little older, we’ll make or stumble upon some.  I mean, i’ve wiped my fair share of poopy butts, sooooo I deserve one day, right? Totally kidding…ok, maybe not totally. In all seriousness though, being a mom is one of the greatest joys of my life. In so many ways I feel like I’m a complete natural, and in in so many other ways, I feel like my brain is constantly on meltdown mode and I haven’t the foggiest idea on …. well… anything. How’s that for balance? 😀


Anywho, let’s get to the goodies.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Amazon Gifts $50 and Under | Elizabeth Lucht



The Gifts!


1. This Rooibos Masala Chai is SOOOO good. My fave thing about it is that you don’t have to steep it. It dissolves in hot water, and voila–ammaaazing chai tea. It’s also caffeine free in case you know someone who would extra appreciate that!

2. Now you could go ahead and pour that delish chai into this happy-colored Yeti tumbler (it also comes in other colors), or you can put whatever other drink you want to keep cold or hot.

3. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. BUT macrame wall hangings are still having a moment, and this one’s great because it’s a perfect accent piece. Perfect for the lady in your life’s who’s all about those boho vibes. If your person is more of a plant person, maybe she’d appreciate this instead.

4. This reed diffuser smells delish. It’s light, fruity, but not too fruity–and clean smelling. Yes, please.

5. If your person is a reader, I highly recommend this book; it’s a beautiful reminder of how important it its to live with a heart of gratitude. It’s become a book I recommend to all my friends.

6. If the mama you’re gifting is a words of affirmation person, I think this little book would be a fun, thoughtful option. You can fill it in, or have your kids help fill in the blanks :).

7. If the lady in your life is a plant lover, I don’t think you can go wrong with these–so cute, simple and minimal.

8. You could pair those sweet little pots up with this book too! We live in an apartment with no space for outdoor plants, so this guide for inside plants is right up my alley.

9. My mom’s this kind of person, so i’m sure she can’t be the only one: She’d rather do her own nails than get her nails done. If you know someone like that, I recommend this set. It’s from a great brand that uses luxurious ingredients as well as a 10-Free Formula, which means not all the toxic crap you find in a lot of other nail polish products.

10. If your Mama’s a bath person, this might just be the thing to amp up that sacred self-care time for her.

11. And this…since can one have too many candles? This one is a soy candle and smells amazing (my fave is the sweet grapefruit, but there are other scents too)–all the heart eyes.

12. And last but not least, for the hostess in your life: this beautiful book on how to serve up delicious, and aesthetically pleasing platters and boards.


And in case you haven’t considered this before, gifting a photoshoot to a Mama can be a big hit. It’s usually the moms that are snapping pics of the kids and the kids with dad or other family members, so it can be super special for the Mama to get dolled up and get some pictures of her and her babies.

If you’re looking for some other ideas, you can check out previous gift guides here & here.


I’d love to know what you’re getting the mamas in your life; let me know in the comments below <3.