We’re about to get to the end of our 4th trimester, and the dust of having our second baby “thrown” into the mix is finally settling–there’s something that resembles a version of a rhythm now, and we’re all breathing a bit easier.  I wanted to share with you my must-have’s for baby #2. You obviously don’t HAVE to have these, but MAN! I’ve found them so helpful. Some of these things I used a lot with Aria too, and a couple of the items I’m using for the first time with Ezra and am a big fan of. Everything is linked below, so you can go check out the goods!


must have items for baby #2

The Must-Have’s:

Solly Baby Wrap

This is, hands down, my favorite way to wear baby in the early months as it’s really womblike for baby. The fabric on the Solly Wrap is lightweight, which is key for me since I get hot & sweaty really easily. I’ve tried similar wraps, but I wasn’t a fan of the fabric (too thick for me). Having a wrap that you like is EXTRA helpful when you have a new baby and a toddler you need to chase around :D. Fun fact: Wearing a baby is also like giving the baby tummy time (and keeps mom’s hand free for downing that coffee ;))!

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

Love these things. Plop one on top of your changing pad (it’s waterproof so pee and poop are way easier to clean up), or just pack one along with you to throw down on a surface when you need to change baby to keep whatever surface you’re using clean (and to keep baby clean).

Lillebaby Carrier

This is my favorite carrier for when that baby hits about 4+ months when they’re a bit more substantial in size. It’s super easy to throw on, and the weight capacity on this carrier is 35 pounds, which is one of the highest on the market. You can wear baby 6 different ways (my top 3 are regular, front-facing, and on the back), and the version I got is super breathable (again, I sweat a ton…).

Pre-Fold Cloth Diapers

Ezra isn’t in cloth diapers, but I love using these cloth diaper liners as burp cloths since they’re so thick and absorbent! He spits up soooo much more than Aria did. I don’t want to feed the stereotype, buuuuttt he’s definitely more of a boy in that sense…spit-up and farts galore.

Sound Machine

So handy! Sound machines just helps drown out any distracting sounds that may be going on around the littles when they’re trying to rest or nap (This is super handy now since Aria loves to sing and be loud sometimes while baby brother is taking a nap–so many fave palms). You can use batteries or plug in the power adaptor, which is convenient since the battery option makes it portable.


Aria had the lamb and the giraffe, and we got the fox for Ezra. The little stuffed animal attached to the pacifier (aka binky) makes it easier for the bebes to hold onto once they’re old enough to hold it themselves. (Sidenote: Aria is about to be two, and we’re doing our best to only give her her binks during naptime and bedtime. Any suggestions on how to wean her?)

Bjorn Bouncer

Neutral colors. Folds flat. Easy to travel with. Win, win, win! We didn’t have this with Aria, but my sister-in-law used it with my nephew and he loved it. Since she’s awesome, she’s letting us use it with Ezra since her little guy is too big for it now. Ezra bounces in this while I get work done (insert praise hands here).

Moses Basket

I was seriously eyeing this Moses basket while pregnant with Ezra. We didn’t have one with Aria and I wanted something I could put the Dockatot (see next must-have) in, and this was perfect. It makes moving the Dockatot/baby around from room to room so much easier.  Once Ezra grows out of it, I can use it as storage!

Dockatot (<– If you use this link, you’ll get $10 off your Dock!)

My friend used the Dockatot with her daughter, and I was a huge fan since it’s so versatile and wanted one for when Ezra came around. Whether or not you co-sleep with your babes, this is a great to have for nap times, wake time, and tummy time. It’s even great for beach and camping trips! It’s super comfy and cozy; baby boy loves his naps in it.

City Select Double Stroller

Going on walks is literally my sanity. It was huge when I had Aria, and it’s extra important now that I have two kids. Being able to get out of my house and get outside is SO good for my mental health–no joke. I did my research when Ezra was coming since that meant we were going to need some kind of stroller that was going to work for both kiddos. The double Bob would be too heavy and clunky, so that was out of the question. Between reading reviews and having friends recommend it, we decided to go with the City Select Double. It is insanely versatile: You can use it for one baby (if your carseat is adaptable), add the second seat for kiddo number two, and a scooter board so your toddler can ride it, there are a ton of configuration options for the two seats, etc… I seriously love this thing.

Some Gear Tips:

If you don’t want to or can’t buy these items new, here are ways you can find some of my faves for a better deal!

Hand-Me-Down’s: See if any of your friend’ babies have grown out of any of the goodies.

Craigslist/Facebook Pages: Search/keep an eye out for high ticket items that are going on sale locally.

Consignment/Second-hand stores: ” ”

Friends/Family (Chipping in): For Ezra’s baby shower, we didn’t register for a lot of things. We registered for the bigger ticket items that we needed to double up on since the kids are pretty close in age (carseat, stroller upgrade, crib), and some of our friends/family chipped in on things which makes getting the more expensive items a bit more manageable.

** Often times, strollers and other baby gear can have great resale value if you take care of your items. We sold our single Bob and got good money for it since it had been stored inside and well taken care of. 

I would love to know what some of your must-have’s are! Share in the comments below :D.