WHHAAAATTTTT….. both kids are napping…AT THE SAME TIME?!?! What do I do with myself? Sleep? Eat? Catch up on a show? Work? NOPE. I know what i’ll do. 

I’ll cut my own hair. Not just a trim. I’m going to hack inches off. Hold on, I have proof (Excuse the quality of these pictures–just remember that the kids were napping, and I was racing against the clock to cut my hair…because that’s such a smart thing to do…said no one) :




I may have briefly watched (and by briefly, I mean I just watched the parts that I thought were important and fast forwarded through parts that seemed obvious)  a Youtube video on how to give yourself a quick, layered lob. No lie. I watched this one.



This happened (We’ll just pretend the death grip and the bad bathroom lighting don’t exist).





I know…not bad, right? I was pretty proud of myself. Maybe all the times watching Dave cut his own hair inspired me, haha. The thing that made the biggest difference is that I put some waves in my hair. If I let my hair go straight, you’d be able to see that I couldn’t get some spots closer to the back. I ended up going to a local salon a couple days later for them to clean me up (the stylist basically thanked me for doing most of her job for her, lol! I thought she was being rather kind). Moral of the story: Don’t do what I did unless you just feel like trying something new only to have someone fix it later =p.

Now moving onto my face…


No Makeup Makeup Look & What I Use


So I’m the type of person that likes a natural, glowy makeup look unless it’s for a special event–then i’ll amp it up a little bit. In the picture above, I kept it super simple. Even if i’m not going anywhere, I like to take that tiny bit of extra time to put these products on since I just feel 100% more ready for the day, more awake, and way less scary when I’m trying to take pictures of the kids and accidentally find it on selfie-mode (I know you know…).

For my face, I used: Beautycounter’s Dew Skin. It provides a light, sheer coverage with an SPF of 20. (If you aren’t into sheer coverage, but still want the SPF, i’d recommending mixing the Dew Tint with the Skin Tint, which is a more full coverage option. These two products were my first purchases from Beautycounter after Teri, my friend-i’ve-never-met-in-person/boss had recommended them to me (youdabest!).

For blush, I really enjoy using this cream blush (in this picture, I’m wearing the shade caramel, but hibiscus is a really pretty shade as well). It’s super easy to pop onto my cheeks; it goes on easily with just your fingers, but I like blending it out with this brush (it’s also great for both the skin products I mentioned above if you don’t want to use your fingers; using a brush will give you fuller coverage). Blush is THE thing that i put on that just makes me look and feel healthier. A little flush of color on the cheeks is just so good!



After a year of using these products and them becoming my ride or die products, I finally decided to join Beautycounter as a consultant since I want to be able to share about my love for clean, safe, and effective skincare and makeup. I’m still on the journey of switching all of my products to safer options since doing it at once isn’t practical for me. If you’re interested in learning more about BC products (or safer and cleaner makeup and skincare options), you can join my Beautycounter FB group here. In that group, i’ll share about what products i’m using, any sales that BC is running, new products that are coming out, and discuss ways we can all use better, safer products. You can always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions as well. I’d love to help in any way I can.