Non-Maternity Maternity Clothes Part II

You might recognize that purdy face from my last Mama & Me post. Like me, Amber isn’t the biggest fan of maternity clothes. As much as she can, she tries to wear non-maternity clothes during pregnancy. Having a growing bump cannot and will not stop Amber from being super stylish (that was one of my favorite things about being Amber’s roomie–getting to borrow her clothes :D). While I was still pregnant with Ezra, Amber and baby girl Gia came out to Santa Barbara so I can do a maternity/Mama & Me shoot. When she showed me her outfits, I knew that I wanted to feature her clothes on one of these posts since I knew it’d be helpful for fellow fashionable preggos who want to wear as much regular clothes as possible with their growing bellies.

Below are some ideas of what types of regular clothing pieces you can wear as your baby bump is growing (If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out the first Non-Maternity Maternity Clothes post here).

Tip #1:

A belted, loose-fitting dress: The great thing about loose-fitting dress (aka a pretty shapeless dress), is that your bump has room to be comfy, and the belt gives you some shape! If the dress comes w/ a belt –super! If not, just throw on a belt you already own. (The dress Amber is wearing here is from Zara.)

non-maternity maternity clothes

non-maternity maternity clothes

Tip #2:

An empire waist dress: Empire waist dresses are great for accommodating a growing belly. It’s an added bonus if it’s an empire waist with a button-down front? Por que? Because that means it’ll also be a great piece to have post-baby since it’ll be nursing friendly! (This floral number is also from Zara.)

non-maternity maternity clothes

non-maternity maternity clothes non-maternity maternity clothes

Tip #3:

A simple silohuette in a punchy color w/ fun details: Although this dress doesn’t define the belly area, it’s got tons of personality as it shows off some shoulder as well as some leg and has festive tassel detailing near the bottom of the dress. This way, you can bring the attention (or at least distribute the attention) to other parts of your body during your pregnancy other than just your baby bump. In addition to being a cute preggo dress option, the added bonus of a dress like this is that it’s super comfy. (This pink piece is from Parker NY.)

non-maternity maternity clothes mama and me photography

Tip #4:

A simple, yet whimsical piece: There’s something about being pregnant that almost makes it more fun to wear pieces you wouldn’t wear normally. The sheer slip dress that Amber’s wearing here has an empire waist, which is super bump friendly. The fact that the slip itself is flowy and sheer gives you the coverage and comfort that you want, and the fitted slip underneath still shows off the preggo curves. (This sheer dress is from Forever 21.)

mama and me photography

mama and me photography

non-maternity maternity clothes

So in case you’re a a bullet-pointer, keep these things in mind when you’re trying to utilize as much of your regular wardrobe as possible when you’re pregnant:

  • Do I have a fairly shapeless dress that’s beltable (yes, that’s now a word…)?
  • Do I have any empire waist dresses?
  • Do I have any loose-fitting (aka growing-belly friendly) dresses that show some leg, shoulder, or feature some fun details?
  • Do I have something simple, and fun that can accommodate my growing belly?

I hope you’re pleasantly surprised by what you find in your wardrobe that works with your growing bump! Let me know if the comments below what types of pieces you like to wear when you’re growing a baby in your belly :).

See more pictures from this and other Mama & Me shoots in the here! 🙂

non-maternity maternity clothes