Hi friends!

How are you doing this Monday of week 3 of quarantine? I woke up on the wrooonnngg side of the bed today. It was rough–for a number of different reasons, but that’s not for this post. Our friend Lizi noticed (bless you, Lizi) and offered to watch the kids while I get some work done. Once I was done with what I had planned for this morning, I decided that a late morning round of self-care would be a good call, so I decided to put on a face of makeup, which sometimes just helps me get into a better mood (anyone else with me on that one?).

Rather than just do it alone in my bedroom, I decided to record it (amateur style with a missing ending and all–hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere) and take you along for the ride. I walk you through how I put on my makeup, what products I use, and give you some tips along the way. I’m no pro; just your normal gal who likes playing around with makeup and making myself feel more pulled together. The version I show here took a little over 15 minutes–so not long at all!

Here are the products I use on my face in this video:

A fresh face for quarantine–just the right amount of put together to lift my spirits a bit.

Please let me know if the comments if you have any questions about any of the products that I used!

(P.s. If you’re seeing this post soon after I publish this–there’s a Beautycounter 10% site-wide sale going on for all of today and tomorrow (though March 31st, 2020). Let me know if you need color matching or anything. You can shop here. If you’ve never ordered through me before, please reach out so I can help you and let you know about any personal promos I’m running (shoot me an email at elizlucht@gmail.com).

Ok, I’m going to wrap this up so I can go feed my sourdough starter (yuppp, another quarantine experiment/project). Wish me luck.