BAH! We’re basically at the end of July. This time last year, Ezra was still in my belly, and he’s almost ONE!!!! Cannot. Believe. It. Anyway, before I start ugly face crying…has anyone been melting their buns off lately? Yes, even in Santa Barbara where we recently went into the triple digits and are about to again with another heat wave (in the the land where AC is more a figment of our imagination). Be warned: Very hot outside = Liz in a very bad mood. It’s not pretty.

Anywho…speaking of bad moods–Aria gets super stir crazy if I either don’t get her out of the house or have activities for her scattered throughout the day. She’s actually pretty great playing by herself in her own magical, hilarious world of imagination, but she does like having more structured activities to do.

All of these activities are coloring/drawing based (Aria’s fave), which is plus in my book. These types of activities encourage creativity, help develop fine motor skills, color/letter/animal recognition, and leave room for you to expand upon as your little one gets older.


great art activities for toddlers | Elizabeth Lucht

Aria’s Current Favorite Activities

1-These Splash Cards are a really portable set of flash cards that Aria loves to color on while she’s in the car or in the stroller (they’re basically the flashcard, smaller version of these, which i’ve talked about here). Because they’re fairly compact, it’s super easy to toss them in the stroller storage or into the diaper bag. Minus water potentially getting on some things, it’s mess-free since there’s no ink or paint involved. #winning These ones specifically help with Alphabet/letter recognition, but there’s one for counting as well.


2-This Dry-Erase/Magnet Board w/ Letters & Numbers is a total hit. It’s multi-use which makes it super handy. The only other magnetic surface we have is the fridge, and it’s not always ideal to have Aria playing in our kitchen since it’s so small (not the safest place).  She loves to doodle on it as well as play with the numbers and letters. When i’m playing with her, I like choosing a letter to focus on. I’ll write that letter upper and lower case on the board, and i’ll draw pictures of things that start w/ that letter. And i’ll let her repeat after me, point to things, and sometimes she even likes to be teacher and show those pictures to Ezra :).


3-I got her these dry-erase markers to use with the dry erase board. There’s VERY little odor, which is great!


4-I’ve talked about these paint brushes before (here), but I wanted to list them again since Aria likes to use them with the next product i’m going to share with you :). These brushes are great for little hands!


5-These Paint With Water books are currently Aria’s faves. We have multiple since she’ll do 3 or 4 each time. You don’t have to worry about getting paint out for your little one each time since there’s paint on each page for easy set up and cleaning! It comes with a little brush, but the small brush can be a little hard to work with, so I like giving Aria the big brushes in number 4.


6-And these watercolors may seem a little redundant, but Aria loves options :D.. She loves that there are more color options in this palette. We bust out this palette when she paints on plain paper (not when she’s using the paint w/ water books since those already come with paint).

I hope those are helpful in keeping your kiddo entertained and engaged in learning that’s fun :). You can also get more toddler activities here and here.


What are some art-oriented activities that you like to do for your little ones? Let me know in the comments. I love trying out new things with Aria!