Hi friends! Is it just me or does today (Tuesday) already feel like Friday? Ever since my folks went back to California, we’ve just been crazy busy with work–all good stuff, but man I’m looking forward to a break! (You should see the mess that is our house right now. Stuff mounds here. Laundry piles there. I’ll get to them at some point…)

Anywho, with Black Friday around the corner and Christmas only a few weeks away, I’ll be posting some gift guides for you in case you need help getting gifts for the special peeps.

To kick off the gift guides, I’ll be giving you some gift ideas for the men in your life (Side note: I did an Instagram poll, and lots of you said you wanted a gift guide for the gents, especially fathers-in-law! If you’re not following me on Instagram, you can do so here). I’ve heard from a number of friends that men can be hard to shop for, and I get it! Clearly, not everyone likes the same things and gift giving isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation, but I’m hoping this list gives you some ideas you hadn’t thought about and makes your gift-getting process a little less complicated :D. Be sure to read through the list, so you don’t miss out on the bonus gift ideas!

Gift Ideas for the Men

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men
  1. This is great for the guy who’s into his whiskey, likes it on the rocks, and doesn’t want it watered down. These whiskey stones live in the freezer when they’re not being used–super handy and great for entertaining, too!
  2. Is your guy a coffee drinker? Get him some quality, fair-trade beans! Looking for an amazing travel mug that he can drink his coffee out of? Check this out!
  3. Hat man? I got it covered…literally =p (sorry, I couldn’t resist). If your guys is like mine and loves beanies and hats, this one is a great one to add to the collection.
  4. A foodie? Then this book will be a great gift for your guy while he experiments in the kitchen and whips you up a tasty meal :).
  5. Just say no to stink! This natural deodorant would make a great stocking stuffer. This has been tested, and it works on guys (I did the smell check for you, ladies. You’re welcome). If you use code “ElizabethLucht,” you’ll get 10% off.
  6. How handy is this Leatherman multi-purpose tool? Dave’s had his for years, and it has come in useful many times!
  7. A reader who’s got an entrepreneurial bent? This book by Chip Gaines is a funny, inspiring read.
  8. A German beer drinker? A made-in-Germany stein would make a great gift!
  9. Music lover? Get him this portable speaker, so he can bring his tunes with him.
  10. Tech-y? Make sure his devices stay charged on-the-go with this doo-dad.
  11. Guitar player? Give him these pick holders, so he doesn’t have to scramble for a pick when he’s ready to jam.
  12. Does your man like a good shave? Get him this sharp-lookin’ shave kit. This would go great with this good-for-him shave regimen.
  13. Is your guy a jet-setter? If he travels a lot, you can get him this Counterman Carry-On set to keep in his toiletry bag, so he can stay so fresh and so clean, clean.
  14. Does wandering in the wilderness and fresh mountain air give you guy life? If so, my guess is he’ll love reading this book about the adventures of John Muir!
  15. Who doesn’t want warm and cozy feet during the cold winter months? If your guy is in need of some cozy slippers, these ones are a great option!

I hope those ideas got your gift-getting-juices flowing!

What gifts have been big hits for your guys in the past? Which ones were a flop? Share with us below in the comments!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men