Hi friends! I hope you’re doing well. These last few months have ZIPPED right on by (brain explosion emoji here). We actually just got back from a trip to Texas to visit some friends and had an amazing time! The short version: We laughed, we cried, we hung out with amazing people, and we ate way too much ;). 

Are you going anywhere for Christmas? We’re staying local–splitting up time between my family, Dave’s side and friends. I imagine there will be a deficit of sleep and an overconsumption of delicious edibles =p.

I wanted to get this post up to share some of the press releases that Beautycounter has been featured in in the last few months. I’m SO beyond proud to be a part of a company that’s educating consumers on cleaner/safer products, bringing about positive change, and providing women (and men) with amazing business and growth opportunities.


Hot(ish) off the press:

Beautycounter is the Top Trending Brand of 2018

The NY Times Interviews Beautycounter’s Founder & CEO

WWD Beauty Inc Awards

Beautycounter Featured in the LA Times


Why you should become a consultant (especially in the month of December):

To become a consultant, you pay a $98 enrollment fee. This gets you:


If you sign up this month, you’re also eligible to get**:

 Becoming a Beautycounter consultant has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made. I wouldn’t have imagined saying that when I started 6 months ago, but saying yes to Beautycounter means:

  • I’m able to contribute financially (and increase financial freedom) and still be home with our kids, and I am beyond grateful that I can do that.
  • I’ve gained confidence as a business woman, and that’s actually improved my photography business! 
  • I get to educate on cleaner/safer beauty/skincare since Beautycounter is an education first company (Yes, buying from me supports my small business. However, helping others choose safer/cleaner products is the top priority–even if it’s not a Beautycounter product).
  • I’ve met amazing women who have become friends. Working alongside such driven and inspiring women is so empowering and I absolutely love getting to mentor and support others in growing their businesses!
  • I’ve seen the potential of this job both personally and professionally, and I can confidently say that Beautycounter and I are going to be together for the long-run (it’s crazy to say, but I really can’t imagine my life sans Beautycounter now). 


Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to chat with you about the business opportunity or about the brand in general! Oh, also, it’s literally one of my fave things to help people find products that work for them (Beautycounter or otherwise–I love being a personal shopper for my friends/fam.)

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