Tis the season for all the holiday craziness again! We’re weeks away from Thanksgiving, and then before you know it–all the December holidays–Christmas for us in the Lucht household! Since these next few months typically feel like a blur of busyness, I thought i’d start these gift guides earlier this year in case there are others of you out there who’d like to get this out of the way and avoid last-minute, stress-filled gift shopping.

Sidenote: This isn’t a holiday, but Aria’s birthday is coming up. She is turning THREE on the 18th, and we’re going to take her to Disneyland next week (before she turns 3, so she’s still free =p). Any tips for taking a toddler to Disneyland? Please share below in the comments!

I wanted to share a gift guide for babies and toddlers with products that I either love already or want for my own kids :).  Since we don’t like clutter, I like trying to find gifts that have that special something about them–maybe they’re great for developing certain skills/character traits or are made of special ingredients or look great (because yay for form AND function).


The Gifts

Christmas gift guides for babies and toddlers | 10 gifts $45 and under


Feelings Memory Game–This chunky-pieced memory game is great for kids 3+. The puzzle features 12 animals expressing various feelings. For younger kids, you can have them match the name and match the animals. For the older kiddos, you can begin to incorporate feelings and having conversations with them to build empathy and awareness.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings –We have this book, and it’s beautifully made and written! This supports toddlers in their journey of emotional development through bright colors and wonderfully written content.

Grabease Utensils— Ezra’s been using these, and he loves them. They’re short, chunky and easy for little hands to hold and learn with!

Mega Bloks— Both of our kids enjoy these. Aria loves building with them, and Ezra’s been learning how to stack them (great for his fine motor skills!)

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game–We don’t have this one, but it’s definitely on their (AKA my ;)) wishlist. It’s a super cute game for toddlers (no reading necessary) that teaches them colors, develops matching skills, strategic thinking, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Jack & Winn Wool Cap–There’s something that’s WAY too cute about a baby boy in a cap. I love the look of this wool cap–super clean, neutral and would go with lots of different outfits.

Organic Zipper Onesie–Onesies. Who doesn’t love them? These ones are super soft and come in a ton of different colors and prints.

Feelings and Dealings: An Emotions & Empathy Card Game— This game is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a card game that encourages kids to learn about feelings and empathy (yes, please!). I firmly believe that using games, play and fun is a super effective way to teach our kids about really important things–like feelings!

Jellycat Woodland Bunny–These are a must for every kid, IMO. Aria has a gray bunny named Clementine, and Ezra has this brown woodland colored one named Benedict :). They’re basically family =p. These Jellycat stuffies are super soft, and I love when they start looking worn and loved.

Kid’s Bath Collection–If you’re looking for a great kid’s bath set, this is my favorite. They smell great, and they’re made with cleaner, safer ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about using them on your kids. If you don’t have a toddler or big kid, you could use what comes in this  Welcome Baby Gift Set.



I hope you found these helpful if you were looking for some inspiration! What are you thinking of gifting the kids this year? Leave your ideas in the comments below :).

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