It’s summer. Summer=hot (extra hot for the preggo). I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, and we’ll be meeting baby boy so soon (his due date is August 10th, but I think he’s coming sooner)!! I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone, but I digress–i’ll have to leave that for a separate blog post.

Did I mention it’s hot? That’s why i’m ALL ABOUT the cold, fruity treats these days (ok, and also the occasional pretzel bites w/ the mandatory jalapeno cheese dip but that’s neither here nor there). I also want to pack as much goodness into these snacks as I can because Aria is always wanting to eat what i’m eating…Mo? Pees?? PEES, Mama?!  So between my cravings and wanting the bubs to get wholesome treats, these popsicles seemed like the perfect thing.

It’s a healthy, easy and delish popsicle recipe that I kind of just threw together. I basically took a strawberry banana smoothie and amped it up to make it popsicle worthy. Between the hubs and the bubs, these popsicles were family approved (proof right here); no joke–even baby boy started moving around like crazy after I ate one, so i’m hoping you ‘ll enjoy it just as much as we did! You can adapt and adjust it to your liking. I also linked some information below on why I used the ingredients that I used as well as where you can buy them in case you’re curious.

Delish & Good-for-you Coconut Milk Strawberry Banana Popsicles


-1 can organic coconut milk (I use full fat)

-1 heaping cup frozen strawberries

-1 heaping cup fresh strawberries (roughly chopped, set aside)

-2 medium frozen bananas

-3 tbsp chia seeds (could sub w/ flax or hemp seeds)

-3 tbsp collagen hydrolysate powder (not vegetarian or vegan, so omit if necessary)

-1 to 3 tbsp pure maple syrup (depends on how sweet all of your fruit is already/your personal preference (taste your mixture before freezing). Also, keep in mind that the mixture will taste sweeter before it’s frozen, so adjust accordingly)

-1-2 tsp fresh lemon juice (I like the tartness and balance this adds, but totally optional)


Roughly chop the fresh strawberries, and set them aside. Blend the remaining ingredits in your blender. Stir in the fresh strawberries. Pour mixture into your popsicle molds (This batch makes about 8, but my mold only has 6, so I poured the leftover into an ice tray so I could throw it into a smoothie some other time). Let freeze for 6 hours, and ENJOY! (The add-in’s that I include [chia seeds, collagen, flax, hemp] aren’t necessary and don’t do anything to add or take away from the flavor, so don’t feel the need to add them in order for this recipe to be delish. Do what works for you!)

Where to buy:

Organic Coconut Milk

Collage Hydrosylate

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds

Popsicle Mold

Why I’m using the ingredients I’m using:

Benefits of Coconut Milk

Benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Benefits of Flax Seeds

Benefits of Hemp Seeds 

Let me know what you think if you try this recipe out! I’d love to know how you decide to jazz it up. And since it’ll be hot a while longer and i’ll want to eat more popsicles, let me know what some of your favorite kinds are :).