What? Two posts in one week. Who dis?

I don’t know about you, but if space wasn’t an issue, I’d want ALL the books, especially all the kid books. As a kid (and honestly, even now), I dreamt of having a library like Beast had in Beauty in the Beast–the wall to ceiling kind that requires a ladder! So dreamy, right?

I thought I’d share with you some of Aria and Ezra’s current book faves. I’m guessing you know I mean when I say favorite books when it comes to little kids if you’re a parent, a care taker or an early education teacher: They’ll want you to read the book OVER AND OVER AND OVER…and then one more time after that! Lawd, help me. Even though this can get old really quick, it’s also really fun for me to see what books they gravitate towards and what they learn from them (and how quickly they learn it!!).

Sidenote: This may be premature for some you, but the others of you who are the type to get your holiday shopping done early, you might want to throw some of these in your shopping cart, so that you’ll have less to do later! You’re welcome =p.

Aria and Ezra’s Favorite Books

  1. A is for Apple (Trace and Flip Fun) — This book was first loved by Aria, and now Ezra has also become a big fan! They love that they can trace the letters with their fingers and open and shut the flaps. Not only is this book great for letter recognition, it also helps develop and support fine motor skills. I like bringing this book for the kids on longer car rides!
  2. Little Pea | Little Hoot | Little Oink — I got this book set from a friend of mine when Aria turned 1! She basically has Little Pea memorized. One of my favorite things about this book collection is how witty and funny it is. There is so much irony and creativity jam packed into these books, and they’re written in a way that is super engaging for both young kids, older kids and the adults reading them :). Highly recommend! This would be great for your little one’s library or as a toddler birthday gift!
  3. My First Book of Super-Villains — This book was gifted to us. I’m not going to lie: I totally judged it at first. It looked too…well… villainy, and I was like: Why would I want my kids to learn about bad guys? It turns out I was too hasty, and this is a great book that helps younger kids differentiate between right and wrong using the contrast between well-known supper heroes and super villains. Both Ezra and Aria, my-wears-princess-dresses-as-often-as-she-can girl, love this book.
  4. Ten Little Monkeys — There’s no denying it: Our whole family knows that this is Ezra’s fave book right now. The kid’s obsessed. He basically has it memorized, and it’s the cutest thing in the world when he recites it in his squeaky little voice! The repetition in this book is a great way for kids to learn vocabulary, counting, rhythm and cadence. Hands down a classic!
  5. Found — I absolutely LOVE this book. It’s based off of Psalm 23 (done by the authors of the Jesus Storybook Bible), and it’s beautifully written and done simply enough for kids to start grasping the truth of this passage. The kids love it, and honestly, I’m totally blessed by it when I’m reading it to them. And let me tell you, when Aria first started reciting this one from memory, it gave me all the feels. I was a puddle. Quick–where’s the mop?
  6. Popposites in the Wild — Part of me doesn’t want to recommend this book because part of me doesn’t want you to go through the pain of seeing your child rip a pop-up book, but I’m learning to let go (as I stare a the alligator that no longer has a head…). This is a really fun book that presents opposites in a really fun, colorful way. I mean, any book that gets your two-year-old to memorize the word “pygmy marmoset” is good by me =p.

What are some of your little ones favorite books right now? I’d love it if you’d share a couple in the comments below. We’re always looking (Ok, fine–I’m always looking ;)) to grow the kid’s library .

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