We’re a couple days away from Ezra’s first birthday, and i’m having ALL the feels. We’ve been in a super busy transitional season (job changes, moving, etc…), so things have felt both insanely fast and slow-moving all at once.

But in the midst of the crazy, I wanted to take a second and share with you some of my favorite summer (and beyond) makeup products from Beautycounter. I’ve been using these anytime I wear makeup and have been a BIG fan. Fun random fact about me: sometimes to wind down, I binge watch Youtube makeup tutorials. I LOVE makeup even though I don’t wear it very often. But I love quality products. Now having used Beautycounter for over a year, I know that i’m using highly effective products that are also safer and cleaner.


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It’s very common for eye makeup (and a lot of other makeup in general) to have chemicals/toxins in it that are considered hormone disrupting, which could potentially cause cancer and other health issues (ummm, no thanks…). The regulation in the US is pretty sad right now–only 30ish chemicals are banned from cosmetic and skincare products whereas 1400+ are banned in the UK and over 400 are banned in Canada. One of the things that i’m so proud to say is that Beautycounter bans 1500+chemicals and toxins in their products. If you’re interested in seeing the ingredients that you’ll never find in Beautycounter products, you can check out The Never List here.


My Picks

Most of these are from the newly released powder line. New formulas. New products. So buttery soft, smooth and just ***kisses fingers like a French chef***.


For Eyes

I’m majorly digging the Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic. I’m ALLLLL about these shades–coppers, warm browns, golds. These shades seriously look good on every skin type. I’m a little obsessed. The pigmentation is great, and my eye looks last all day.


For Face

My friend/boss Teri raved about one of the new blush shades, so I knew I had to give it a try; it’s the shade nectar. In my opinion, it’s basically a dupe for the Nars Orgasm one (if you know makeup, you know what I’m talking about). It’s a pretty, pinky peach with a hint of gold sheen which makes your skin look super pretty. If you’re not into blushes with some sheen, there are other colors with a matte finish.


For bronzer, I’m currently using the Matte Bronzer in shade 1. It’s great to warm up the face and for a light contour. This bronzer is actually getting retired, but it’s SO great. I might purchase one more while they’re in stock just to have a back up. Beautycounter released new bronzers when the new powder products were released–in new shades and finishes. I’m excited to try this one in the shade Dune.


For Lips

I’ve been into glosses again lately; a good gloss just seems to help pull a look together. My two fave shades right now are Bare Shimmer and Dahlia.


If you want to try out these new powder products, there’s also an option to purchase a “Get the Look” combo that includes a velvet eyeshadow palette, a bronzer, an eyeliner, and a lipstick. You get to customize by skin tone and color preferences.


Let me know if you’ve gotten to try any of these products, and let me know what you think! If you want to stay in the loop and get special deals/promos and info for Beautycounter, you can join my private Facebook group here. If you have any questions, leave me a comment here or you can DM me on Instagram.

K, i’m off to try and get Aria down for a nap… wish me luck!


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