Hi friends! It has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve been here. Posting on my blog is like getting reacquainted with an old friend. It’s weird that it’s been so long, but we can pick up right where we left off. Sort of? No? Ok, moving on

It’s full on mind blowing that we’re at the end of October. HOW?! I was driving to Trader Joe’s the other day and passed a shopping center that had already put up a huge Christmas tree and wreaths on all the storefronts **face palm**. We haven’t hit Halloween yet. At least wait until November. Oy.

Wow, I digress. Let’s get back on track: I wanted to share with you some of the articles and posts that I’ve found helpful or relevant lately. There’s no unifying factor other than they’ve been helpful to me as a parent and as a human being =p.

Fun, fall activities for Toddlers (click for linked post)

My friend Danielle over on Madre Mia compiled some fun fall activities for toddlers, and I had to share! She is one of the friends I’ve made since moving to Texas, and it was like our families were meant to be friends (our husbands basically have a bromance), and oh my word–her little B is SO cute! Other than being crazy adorable and a massive-hearted human, Danielle has an education background and interest in fitness. Go check out her blog and Instagram for more fun content!

Homemade Elderberry Syrup: Crockpot Edition

How about a shout-out to another friend I’ve made whilst living in Tejas?! Meet Beth Dreyer. She’s actually one of my favorite people’s best friends, and I’m so glad we’ve gotten to connect! Beth is colorful, loves natural and holistic health, and is just jam-packed with encouragement (especially for mamas) and realness. If you want to see her break out in song and learn simple swaps you can make to living a healthier lifestyle, go check out her IG here.

DIY Chai Spice Blend

You have NO idea how happy I am that it’s been cold enough for sweaters and coats! The weather is in the 50s as I’m writing this, and I’m GIDDY. Low key, I’m not holding my breath though, since I’ve learned that Texas weather is about as consistent and predictable as my two toddler’s emotions (if you know…then you know). Anywho, something that I love during the colder months is enjoying anything spice-y–pumpkin spice, chai spice, errrm…no other spice mixes are coming to mind, but you get where I’m coming from. If you want to use this spice mix for a matcha latte, check out this recipe.

4 Strategies to Stop Tantrums Before They Start

Oooof. This is a biggie. Aria is almost 4 and Ezra is 2. There are TONS of emotions on the day-to-day (mine included). Days without some kind of a meltdown are miraculous, so it’s been a challenge and a charge to find ways to navigate all these feelings with more grace, more clarity and less of the ugly (cuz MAAAAN it can get ugly). Other than praying, which yes–I’ve learned that taking a moment and taking a deep breath and just letting the Lord know that I need his peace and wisdom is way more effective than living in reacting world (so easy though, right?), I’ve wanted to find other resources as well. This article landed in my inbox, and I was so grateful for the information it provided! I hope it’s helpful to you too! If you have other tips and tricks that you’ve implemented in regards to tantrums, leave them for me in the comments below! I’d love for us to be able to see other input from other parents/caretakers/children wizards :).

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

I’ve been on a Mr. Rogers kick lately. Dave and I recently watched Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and it was SO good! I freakin’ love Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Every episode is basically a sermon or motivational speech waiting to happen, and the love that man has for every person he comes into contact with is beeeaauuutiful. I bawled. Aria and Ezra were already big fans of Daniel Tiger (based off of Mr. Rogers), so the OG Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood episodes (we watch them using Prime video since we’re Amazon Prime peeps) seemed to be the perfect next thing. The content is clean, poignant, and practical: It encourages kids to be confident in who they are, to be kind, to be honest, and to use their imagination (yes, and amen!) And in case you like to nerd out on random facts, here’s one for you: All of that whimsical music that you hear on the episodes are played by a live band–so cool!

BONUS TIP!: Clean Living with Liz

I recently started a new Instagram account where I can share about special Beautycounter promos and giveaways I’m doing as well as share more about cleaner swaps and why they’re important in your day to day life! This account is a private one, which is why I can share extra goodies with you (AKA give you stuff!) that I can’t on my regular/public social media accounts. I can’t give you all the deets here, but here’s a clue: If you want a FREE charcoal mask($49), you’ll want to go give me a follow (this offer is only good until October 31st)!

Ok, Ezra is up from his nap and crying “Mama, come hold you me,” so that’s my sign to wrap this up!